Tokyo Lab :::: DroneScapes @ A-ROOM

This Saturday Tokyo Lab´s (Chris Wittkowsky & Jori Tokyo) sound performance took place in the MATTER Observatory // Prinz-Leopold-Kaserne (PrinzLeoKultur) in Regensburg. 

Chris and I filled the exhibition space, which was built up, re-furnished and curated by Max D. Well, with soundscapes, drones and participatory elements.

The later the evening got, the more audience appeared and interacted, listened and participated in the live played sound artwork. 

Our synthesizers, samplers, theremin and sound effects didn’t just stand there, they were repeatedly questioned by the audience, integrated into experimental ideas and then also played.

The evening was a sonorous pleasure for all participants. Interesting conversations were held as well as lively exchanges took place on a mental level.

We hope that this kind of interactive performance can be celebrated again soon and continue to work on sounds and textures that open up spaces of thought.

Sounds and Drones by: Chris Wittkowsky & Jori Tokyo

Additional Sounds from Theremin: Participating Audience

Opening Photo, Films and Video Footage by: Max D. Well

Tokyo Lab // A-R00M 05/2023

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