Week of Brain Building – No. 3

Also this year iBubble and Pomodoro Bolzano invented their exhibition, gathering and happening at Degginger´s Pop Up Room.

Digital Artwork “ElvenDance” by Johannes Riedmann, 2022

A-R00M/Matter – Thought Exhibition (excerpt)

Drawing outlines of audience on wall. Performance by Alina Buga.

Happening – JOURNEY for Audience and AI by Johannes Riedmann

Drones and Soundscapes live performed by Chris Wittkowsky and Jori Tokyo.

While JOURNEY happened, the audience and AI created a triptych together and made it become a collaborative unique artwork.

Participative Happening at exhibition “Chaos Archive – Let´s build that Brain” by iBubble Project and Pomodoro Bolzano, in October 2022 / PoP-UP Room Degginger / Regensburg (GER). Together with the audience and Artificial Intelligence a triptych with three unique collaboratively created digital artworks was crafted.

Visit at The Observatory

This Friday i did my exploration of “MATTER – WO LANDEN? – Observatory/A-R00M” with Chris at PrinzLeoKultur. We found there a beautiful art-exhibition of Frieda Kuterna and Max D. Well with many lovely details, wordings and well sorted texts.



Art´s Birthday Preparations – What we do yet.

Preparations for this year´s Art´s Birthday on January 17th are running hot right now. We from Pomodoro Bolzano are fiddling with sent voices, words and rhythms for the hopefully great celebration and online-live event via video-stream next monday.

Today we released a little sneak preview of possible results just on SoundCloud. Feel free to listen inside the three variations of our groovy beat-mesh.

Between the Years – What´s going on?

Time between Christmas and New Years Eve became rather silent here at my studio excepting some jams with Chris and visits from my family. School is in holidays and they were pretty needed by me for relaxing, regeneration and new thoughts.

New instruments like Microfreak from Arturia and Digitakt from Elektron were my Christmas goodies for this year and i am using the cocooned winter time for welcoming them in a stately way.

It will need some time to get fully inside this mighty instruments which brings a lot of fun, spice and joy into the studio workflow.

Also we are planning and sketching up the upcoming Art´s Birthday in January 2022, celebrated by Pomodoro Bolzano as every year since a long time now.

This shows our invitation card for the voice calls. And here comes the original invitation from Max´s official art-mail:

art.birthday 1.000.059


Dear artlovers,

Pomodoro Bolzano is happy to invite you to be part of art.birthday one million and fifty-nine.

This year it’s about a choice of words

Send us your word with your voice as a present for a piece of music 

which will be created on january 17th, 2022.


To take part is as easy as it can get.

Please send us your word recorded with your own voice.

If you can’t decide on only one word you may send up to three words 

in different soundfiles (one word per file).

Send us your single word(s) as a speech message via SMS to +49 160 8445253

or send us an email and attach your soundfile(s) to voice@artbirthday.com.

Thank you for your voice!

And of course, Chris and me recorded a set of ambient and downbeat tracks during December.

Get in touch with all new released tracks here below.

Next week, on January 3, we will further prepare our Art´s Birthday celebration schedules and do more experiments on sounds and instruments. Creativity and art is continuous in flow here and we will see more of all that in 2022. Now i am wishing you all a great new years eve and floating smoothly into the next year of wonders and experiences.

End of Summer 2021 – Some Conclusion

During this high temperatured and almost cocooned summer i found time to explore and study a lot of my collected and new bought sound-gear. There were so many gaps to close and learning curves to rise – time ran away fast and without any boredom.

With Chris i met weekly and we were able to record a lot of jams and project-sparks for our planned two albums, which will be released soon.

Also a few times the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse rehearsed in a very minimal summer edition – not many of us had time to meet. The few who arrived virtual had great moments together and Björn´s screenshot shows that in a wonderful way.

Max came back from his summer travelling and we met as soon as possible to talk about more virtual and cyberspace related art projects in the near future.

For Max´s and Frieda´s POZOR UTOPIA finissage we had to plan realtime visuals on the virtual building and performance space into Second Life.

One variation of my Novae performance seemed to fit well for that project and i had a nice virtual simulation meeting with Max.

And as a final summer activity i produced with Max and Chris an synthesizer based experimental new track with vocals from Max – completely live performed and recorded on this moment. So this summer is now successfully and officially finished for me.

In this music-video all latest impressions and emotions are weaved together – nothing more to say at the moment.