art.birthday 1.000.059 / YOUR VOICE – YOUR WORD

Today is the day for some magic and art, created by our word-donors and Pomodoro Bolzano. We started streaming the process of composing and arrangement in realtime at 8:00 PM CET on Youtube.


Dear artlovers,

Pomodoro Bolzano is happy to invite you to be part of art.birthday one million and fifty-nine.
This year it’s about a choice of words
Send us your word with your voice as a present for a piece of music which will be created on January 17th, 2022.


To take part is as easy as it can get.
Please send us your word recorded with your own voice.
If you can’t decide on only one word you may send up to three words in different soundfiles (one word per file).
Send us your single word(s) as a speech message via SMS to +49 160 8445253
or send us an email and attach your soundfile(s) to

Thank you for your voice!

live recorded and mastered final piece of the performance in a better sound-quality as to experience in our youtube livestream above.

It was a pleasure to come together with a spontaneous network of artists and art lovers to celebrate art's birthday 1.000.059 – the incoming words were beautiful gifts, sounding memories, spelled wishes in various languages ... so much relationship, connected with the voices of their creators.

YOUR VOICE – YOUR WORD participants:: Barbara Rosenthal, Claudio Scardino, Bill Creston, Bob Lens, Lula Valletta, Mr. Pelham, Leonor Faber-Jonker, Erwin de Hart, Jordan Uwins, Brenda Hutchinson, Birgit Szuba, Alina Buga, Flick Harrison, Boris Michalski, Gabelor, Tina Pearson, Bernd Rohloff, Harald Muenz, Gema Fernandez, Biagio Francia with children, Insa Wiese, Giot Berger, Carla Pletinckx, Frieda Korda, Max D. Well, Johannes Riedmann, Chris Wittkowsky, Mike, Irmi, Janna, Ben, Julius, Birgit, Gecko, Angela Saw, Kristina and Borro.
Sounds and voices: Jori Tokyo, Chris Wittkowsky
Loc.: Studio Jori Tokyo, 2022-01-17
Concept: © Pomodoro Bolzano, 2021 

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