Working on Digital Canvas – Shared Screen

Today my friends from Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and Pomodoro Bolzano have realized an unusual project.
The aim was to edit a graphic document on the iPad from several places at the same time and to thus creating a joint work of art.

We were connected via the cities of Cologne (Germany), Toronto (Canada) and Regensburg (Germany) and after initial technical difficulties, we had quite colorful and appealing results on the screens. 

Then we logged into our open-world environment, on the Odyssey simulation, at the same time, and Tina was able to project our drawing environment, with the changes happening in real time, onto a spontaneously constructed screen.

This kind of collaborative drawing projects with shared screen technology will certainly keep us busy more often.

AOM @ 4° Festival ECRÃ, Rio de Janeiro

The sound part of the audiovisual concert that Avatar Orchestra Metaverse streamed live @ 4° Festival ECRÃ, Rio de Janeiro, august 28th, 2020.

It starts with a CptrPwrHmShwr by Tina M. Pearson + Leif Inge before it becomes a proper PwrHm by Tina M. Pearson.

Next is Fragula by Björn Eriksson, and then Forest Being, a cooperation between Harald Muenz and Norman Lowrey, where Norman Lowreys ever expanding Masks Instruments are set in Forest-forestiero, a sound installation by Harald Muenz.

It ends with an Orchestral aom-provisation based on Novae by Johannes Riedmann.