Art.Birthday 2023 – THE OF OF BIND OF IF PLAD

Tonight, on art´s birthday, Max, Frieda, Chris and I performed our very personal celebration at Studio Tokyo.
Max and Frieda were connected via video conference, while Chris and I tried to get a live stream going.

Unfortunately, we were plagued by technical shortcomings on the part of the transmitted sound quality and the high-pitched guests of our little stream hardly got to hear anything.

We showed our handmade miniatures for art´s birthday, made from keywords of past birthdays with the help of an artificial intelligence that translated our words into graphics. Fortunately, at least the sounds of the miniatures were audible in the stream. All the sounds of the one-minute miniatures were accompanied by sounds that Chris and I had recorded especially for them.

“The title “THE OF OF BIND OF IF PLAD / JAMORIES” is a reference to the concept of the “Art’s Birthday,”which was first proposed by artist Robert Filliou in 1963 as part of the Fluxus art movement.

The idea behind the “Art’s Birthday” is that art, like any living organism, has a birthdate and continues to evolve and change over time. Filliou’s original concept was to celebrate the “birthday” of art on January 17th, the date of the first recorded use of the word “art” in human history. The title “THE OF OF BIND OF IF PLAD / JAMORIES” is a play on the idea of the “birth” of art and the word “bind” which refers to the connection, the relationship and the continuity in art.”

… from talks with chatGPT, 14.01.2023 …