Working with Field Kit Recordings

During the last days we did experiments and research on sounds we field-recorded with KOMA Elektronik´s neat little box of wonders named „Field Kit“ and their expansion pack with motors, solenoids, contact microphones, marbles, springs and electromagnetic sensors.

My students had a lot of fun by testing the possibilities of sound-creation with different sources as singing bowls, toys, water bottles, bento boxes and other pieces of our school environment.

We recorded a lot of interesting sounds by experimenting around with the very sensible contact microphones and routed the results into Ableton Live to modify them again with creative delays and reverbs of all kinds.

To create some pulsing beats we used a little motor element, placed on a plastic socket between glass marbles. The motor got its impulse by a low-frequency-oscillator signal via VC on the Field Kit.

With all that different sounds we got, it was on us to produce a freaky noisy piece of sound-art with.
Noisy Radio Signals were also added to our collection of sounds and with the little help of granular synthesis, an ambient texture got layered into our cute sound-setup.

And so it came that the next hours we spent again on Ableton Live to arrange our set of audible happiness and mixed a nice mysterious work out of all our collected sound snippets.

With the Field Kit and our ideas we were able to get such a nice enriched horn of plenty. I am thrilled in expectations which will be the next sound project we approach.

Noise Studies VII – a journey starts

While collecting and arranging assorted analog and semi-analog synthesizers from Japan and Russia, more and more the final setup for my starting noise-expedition gets done and ready for takeoff.

My video shows a few of the actual audible results on this journey into extraordinary sounds and noises. Below this i go into the setup details and show all involved devices in particular.

SOMA´s powerful and dark sounding Lyra-8 is still the mothership in my noisy chamber orchestra, but gets competitive partners by JMT´s two unique noise-synths named LD-1 and TVCO-2a. Both produces wonderful harsh and if needed vibrant glassy shockwaves of sound.

For the final seasoning and roundup a few reverbs, a delay and also Moffenzeef´s MSG II noise-drone-synth comes into the game.

The MSG II is connected to Lyra-8´s external input and brings wobbling drones into the organismic sparkling circuit there.

Art´s Birthday 1000058

This years Art´s Birthday „OPERA BILITY“ was entirely virtual performed and realized. Location for the event was our parcel at Odyssey in Second Life. A meeting room on Zoom offered another access to the party.

Frieda Kuterna aka Frieda Korda built a wonderful workshop replique at Odyssey and created a colorful cozy location for the birthday celebration.

The evening started relaxed and mostly quiet before artist SaveMe Oh showed up and rocked our party there for hours.

SaveMe Oh did a great show with all her visuals and breathtaking particles which filled the entire space.

The zoom-conference was streamed directly on a screen which was placed inside the workshop in Second Life. So the participants in-world were able to see what was ongoing in zoom at Real Life.

Our crowd of people was a pretty nice assortment of longtime residents from the virtual world and very appreciated at the party location.

Chris Wittkowsky aka Paco Mariani, Maxxo Klaar and Frieda Korda did gladly this wonderful screenshots during the entertaining event. In the meanwhile i was too busy by guiding the camera for our video-stream.

As last happening on this colorful, groovy evening, Blaise de La France performed a great synthesizer-performance for us, which gave the final blast to this art´s birthday.

Virtual Dependance of Pomodoro Bolzano


Over the last days we built up and now release the actual virtual gallery, studio and art-thinking-space of Pomodoro Bolzano inside Cyberspace.


High above the clouds of a snowy island named Icewater a huge museal  building with large glass-walls and space for artworks and productive, inspiring talks is placed now.


Lately we met there to view sound installations of Ryoji Ikeda on a new temporary video-wall placed near us.


Classic Pomodoro Bolzano artworks are pinned on walls and displays around and can be closely studied by just touching them and following the web-routed links.


Upstairs on second floor a long tight corridor brings you to a small room with desk and chairs where meetings and conferences can be held.



On top of the building we find an area called Roof Garden which contains a decent performance space, lounge area and also some plateau for talking rounds.





Beside this main building there are several areas for exhibitions, media-art installations and cyber-art research.


Sound-Laboratory of JORI Tokyo with exhibition of the latest released Semiphysical Instruments.


Media Screen on the current Virtual Haidplatz exhibition-space and art-installation environment.


A view from above with the infocenter-room on the right bottom corner.




Sound Instruments for the Cyberspace

snapshot_071My latest experimental art-project contains ten virtual music instruments which i call „Semiphysical Instruments“, made for making sound in Cyberspace also known as Virtual Worlds. They are unique objects with a lot touchable and playable parts which can emit hand-sampled tones, sounds, chords and textures to make music with. Any of those objects can be worn or placed in virtual space to get used by the owner or by other participants around. It is not always predictable exactly what composition will be created by using the instruments, especially when more players are wearing or playing them. This kind of improvisation and calculated randomness is part of this art concept. Also the position and arrangement of the instruments is crucial for the final result and musical creation in the end. 3D-sound experiences and sketches of binaural situations can be playfully created with the melodic sculptures.

snapshot_033The first instrument i released was the „Con-Nal“ and has two different styles of tones and sounds. The trumpet elements and also the rusty spirals works as sound emitters.


snapshot_029A few days later i created an instrument named „Bon Gog“ which remembers on an assortment of crystalline flowers. The blossoms and also the connecting purple parts close to the cylindric main-body can be touched and emits tones or accords.


snapshot_034„Creludium“ was an instrument built while Paco Mariani and Maxxo Klaar met me on our new Sound Laboratory at Icewater in Cyberspace. It gots a very melodic and calm instrument which sounds very harmonic beside the experimental part it also offers of course.


snapshot_041Then during a very productive meeting with my partners from Pomodoro Bolzano and while we reinvented the „Virtual Haidplatz“ performance environment on our new virtual headquarter at Icewater, the next musical sculpture was born. We named it „Dibou“ in memory of our old art-partner DeThomas Dibou who was our architect years ago. Very special and various sounds are hidden inside all the tubes and round white applications on the surface.


snapshot_038 „Dil Leem“ was the next addition to the growing set of virtual music instruments and was also very unique fitted with special sounds and tones to experiment with. All colored poles and also the organic shells around the body can be played.


snapshot_044An instrument named „Gagloom“ followed very soon and was sounding a bit more decent and not as loud as the other sculptures made before. From the side of the size it is one of the biggest objects i made. All black roots, the middle white-ball, the red ring and also the black ladybug-buttons on the ring are activated to make sounds with.



„Kushido“ was first created to be a loop-machine for sounds but i was rebuilding it after the first test during a rehearsal with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. We all were in common that this loop functionality was very annoying and disturbing. So i replaced all the scripts inside and made it now another very unique playable instrument with a lot of possibilities to make sound with all the pyramids on it.



Another very special sound-sculpture is the „BabaDrome“ which is a bit different to the other instruments. The colored rings and also the balls on the bottom-body plays sound-textures instead of tones, chords or accords.

„BukLook“ may look like a funny toy for children but the sounds inside all the colored bubbles around the body offers an enormous horizon of playable sound possibilities.

The last of all ten instruments is named „CooBoo“ and has a lot of melodics, sounds and tones inside all the cubes clustered together. It is the keystone of my series of semiphysical instruments at the moment. I am very thrilled to see how they will be used in an orchestral way or played in small arrangements soon.